Ways To Waste Time On The Internet

Most of the time when people are bored, they waste their time by aimlessly browsing the internet. But after a while, even endlessly refreshing Facebook becomes a bit boring. If you’re looking for some good ways to waste your time on the internet, keep reading.

Online gaming is always a great way to pass some time and even more so when you can win money by doing so. If online gambling is your thing, you’ll probably like the slot machine game Gonzos Quest. This game is based on the character of Gonzo Pizzaro, the Spanish conquistador who was looking for the mythical city of gold, Eldorado. It’s a fun and interactive game that will soon make you forget how bored you were and take hours out of your day.

game Gonzos Quest.

If you’re not really into gaming and prefer discussions instead, reddit is a great website to try out. On reddit, there are things called ‘subreddits’ which revolve around a specific topic. You can post and have discussions with all the other redditors who use this subreddit. For example, if you’re interested in fitness, you could visit r/fitness and read the posts or make your own posts there. You can also create your own subreddit.

Don’t feel like doing anything that required energy? If you don’t have enough motivation to play a game like Gonzos Quest or visit a website like Reddit, you can go to YouTube and try their autoplay feature. Click on any of the videos that they recommend for you and then put it on autoplay. This way you get an endless stream of content and you might discover some new channels that you like. If you’re not sure where to start, put on a video that you know you like and use the autoplay from there.