Important features and pros of the saltron mini

At this point in time the pros and features of the Solaxx Saltron Mini, as opposed to traditional pool chlorinators, are too numerous to be mentioned in this short informational article. But, positively speaking, a few important features and pros of the saltron mini are most definitely going to be mentioned. There will also be a short note on the proper use of the salt water chlorinator. Let us begin with that then.

saltron mini

The Saltron has two main parts, both of which are submerged into only pool or spa water. Operationally, the user can go manual or automatic. But with automation and the feature of digitization, the machine is programmed to turn on and off whenever expedient. Proper care and maintenance, it goes without saying, will ensure the salt water chlorinator’s longevity. Regular replacement of chlorine cells will be required.

Let’s talk about the pros for a bit. It is far easier and convenient to be using the Saltron mini than other traditional water chlorination products. The salt in use does no harm to the skin and does not irritate the eyes either. The use of salt in this chlorinator is essential for eliminating the pungent smell of chlorine. Cost-efficiencies are in place as hypochlorous acid is converted back to salt. It was mentioned that the Solaxx Saltron is digital.

This allows for the machine to be switched on and off at any programmed time. This is highly convenient for the busy pool or spa user. Well worth mentioning is the scale preventative mechanism. This is the point of the chlorine cell where reversal of cell polarity prevents the formation of scale.  Alternatives to the Saltron no less effective are available for more budget conscious consumers.