Health Benefits of Sex

Next time your partner wants to hit the sheets for a little hanky panky, run along as fast as you can! Sex is natural, desirable, stimulating and fun for adults of all ages, but there’s also a variety of health benefits that come along with intercourse as well. Are you interested in learning the health benefits of sexual intercourse?

Builds the Immune System

People who have sex regularly have a stronger immune system and ward off colds, germs, viruses, etc. quicker than people who aren’t having sex on a regular basis.

Improved Blood Pressure

Numerous studies suggest that blood pressure is improved when you have sex on a regular basis. The blood circulation produced during sex is responsible for the reduced numbers of your blood pressure.


Okay, so you shouldn’t count on sex alone as your means of exercise, however, it is nice to know that it does count as a form of exercise, even working to burn calories, too. What’s better than a workout that really feels good and does so much more for you?

Lower Risk of Heart Attack

Many studies also suggest that if you have sex on a regular basis, you lower your risk of having a heart attack. This is especially important for men and women who are in their 40s or older.

You’ll be Happier

Couples that have sex regularly are much happier together and apart, per research. It is thanks to improved serotonin levels produced when you have intercourse that you can thank for the better moods that you’re in.

It is time to have sex! The next time you get the urge, hit the sack and get it on. You will enjoy the act itself as well as awesome benefits to your health. What could be better?

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