How eliquid pours scorn over toxic chemicals and poisonous filters

The main reason why this is the case is because there is very little nicotine being consumed at any one time. Comparatively speaking, the nicotine found in the e cigarettes is but a drop in the ocean and very remote from the millions of filters being swallowed by vulnerable ocean birds and the fish they prey upon. In more ways than one, eliquid pours scorn over toxic chemicals and poisonous filters. No harmful and life-threatening chemicals are ingested or inhaled by e-cigarette smokers who are able to exercise responsibility over their new smoking habits.


The realization remains that it is not easy to give up traditional smoking. Realistic expectations, it has been proved, do lead to successful outcomes. One significant outcome, more a heartfelt desire than anything else, is to give up smoking for good. The aesthetic and esthetic values of smoking e-cigarettes make all this possible. Gradually, over time, addictive desires diminish until the momentous day when the habit is kicked in the butt for good. 

Part of the realization must be product knowledge. To reiterate, new e-smokers must know that while it is far less than previously the case, they are still inhaling nicotine, a highly addictive and harmful substance. They must also know that the electronic range of products are essentially for recreational use and not meant to be used as enabling substitutes to cure or prevent conditions, illnesses or diseases.

It is not to be used by those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have heart disease or diabetes, high blood pressure and especially asthma.  To ensure that their health is in good nick, new consumers should consult their physicians beforehand. And while it has been known that many users have been able to give up smoking altogether, the e-cigarette practice is not one of cessation.