Who or what will be living in a large sugar glider cage

To the layman and woman who love having them around, these small creatures will be known to them as their pets. But sugar gliders are known as nocturnal possums. In their highly active movements, they resemble those of flying squirrels. Now, picture yourself having one or two of those around the house. Inasmuch as you love furry little scurrilous creatures, this would be tantamount to having quite a wild bunch around.

Leave them to their own devices and to do their own thing, things will quickly get out of hand. Go out for the day and leave these creatures behind and your house will be ripped to shreds by the time you get back. Apart from being highly active, sugar gliders are rather inquisitive and must have something to do with their claws and jaws at all times of the day, and mostly at night. That’s why it’s a good and well-recommended idea to quietly place them in a large sugar glider cage.

large sugar glider cage

The cage must be a large one, and it must be one designed specifically for sugar gliders. But it can just as easily be a large bird cage, provided it is built soundly for the benefit of the animals’ health and wellbeing and includes all the necessary accessories to keep them preoccupied and give them some resemblance of being out in the wild. Keeping them in a small hamster’s cage, for instance, is as good as giving them a death sentence.

Sugar gliders were named thus because of their peculiar preference for sugary foods. No wonder they are so hyperactive then. They are well known for their highly acrobatic skills. No wonder they need a large cage to romp around in then.